Mariana Machado still shine in Spain

Mariana Machado still shine in Spain

Finished third in the Constitution Crosse (Alcobendas) and Salomé Rocha was fourth

Mariana Machado, already selected to represent Portugal at the European Cross Country Championships, which will take place in Lisbon next month (December 8), competed at the Cross de La Constitución in Alcobendas, where she returned to the podium. After triumphs in Atapuerca and Soria.

Although still competing in the junior level, she ran again the elite race finishing in third position with the time of 27.39 minutes, losing only to Kenya’s Eva Cherono (27.10) and Rose Chelimo, Bahrain (27.31), who lost with the Portuguese in the Soria cross country.

Excellent result also from Salomé Rocha, who finished in fourth place of this race, with the mark of 27.56.

The men won the Burundian Thierry Ndikumwenayo (27.23) from Playas de Castellon.

André Pereira and Susana Francisco win selection test in Lisbon

André Pereira and Susana Francisco win selection test in Lisbon

Bela Vista Park (where European Cross Country Championships will be held) hosted the competition

André Pereira (with Miguel Marques by his side) and Susana Francisco (completely isolated) were the winners of the main distances of the selection race for the European Crosse Country Championships, which took place in Lisbon, in the same place that will host the continental competition, the Bela Vista Park.
The men’s race was completely dominated by the two athletes, André Pereira (Benfica) and Miguel Marques (Sporting), who left away the main opponents, who were even the under23 athletes, Isaac Nader and Alexandre Figueiredo, both from Benfica, who finished practically aware of his race (he had one lap less), also with some advantage over the others.
Still in men, the U20 race was more disputed and eventually won the Benfica’s Etson Barros (who was already selected), with better final sprint than the Sporting’s Ruben Amaral.
In women, the main race only registered three seniors to cut the goal, being the best Susana Francisco, Sporting Braga, clearly distanced from the others. One lap earlier, the end of the race for U23 had taken place, with Joana Ferreira, from Juventude Vidigalense also detached from her opponents, the same as in U20, with athlete Lia Lemos (Maia AC), clearly detached from all her opponents.
The national team will be announced on November 27.

Main results
Seniors (9725 m): 1. André Pereira (SL Benfica), 31.39; 2. Miguel Marques (Sporting), 31.39; 3. Hugo Almeida (SC Braga), 31.50; 4. Paulo Barbosa (Maia), 31.52; 5. Luís Saraiva (SC Braga), 31.52; 6. João Pereira (Sporting), 32.07.
U23 (8225 m): 1. Isaac Nader (SL Benfica), 26.51; 2. Alexandre Figueiredo (SL Benfica), 26.51; 3. Ricardo Ferreira (Sporting), 27.00; 4. Cristiano Borges (Sporting), 27.06; 5. Jorge Moreira (SC Braga), 27.14; 6. Filipe Vitorino (CN Rio Maior), 27.23;
U20 (6225 m): 1. Etson Barros (SL Benfica), 20.04 minutes; 2. Reuben Amaral (Sporting), 20.05; 3. Miguel Ribeiro (SL Benfica), 20.07; 4. Miguel Moreira (Sporting), 20.18; 5. Duarte Gomes (SL Benfica), 20.20; 6. Nuno Pereira (Sporting), 21.01.

Seniors (7725 m): 1. Susana Francisco (SC Braga), 28.42; 2. Ercília Machado (Individual), 30.17; 3. Deolinda Oliveira (EA Trofa), 36.36.
U23 (6225 m): 1. Joana Ferreira (J. Vidigalense), 23.23; 2. Beatriz Rodrigues (Sporting), 23.38; 3. Manuela Martins (Marathon), 23.51; 4. Sara Duarte (S. João da Serra), 23.59; 5. Lilia Martins (J. Vidigalense), 24.07; 6. Sara Monteiro (N. Oeiras), 24.35.
U20 (4225 m): 1. Lia Lemos (Maia AC), 15.44; 2. Barbara Neiva (Sporting), 16.06; 3. Mónica Silva (Vitória SC), 16.15; 4. Cátia Pereira (Sporting), 16.42; 5. Camila Gomes (SL Benfica), 16.53; 6. Mara Resende (Maia AC), 17.11.

Flag Handover

From Tilburg 2018 to Lisboa 2019

Tilburg 2018 European Cross-Country Championships was just over when we finally realize the mission has come to us.

It is true that the work started months before and, It is also true that we were all aware of the great responsibility it was given to us when we were awarded the organization of European Cross Country Championships 2019. From this moment on, the spotlights turned to us, all the cameras started to focus on Portugal, all the eyes faced to Lisbon.

This is our journey, this is out path that will end on December 2019 and that, we hope, last on everyone’s memory for ever.

Watch the vídeo of the Flag Handover.